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Knobel Honey Bee
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Our bees live and graze on native Australian bushland outside of  Noosa.   


Our bees live in harmony with the native bush animals of the area including kangaroos, goannas, echidnas, kookaburras and the odd brown snake.   The taste and colour of our honey reflects the season and what our bees feed on.  Allowing our bees to work with nature results in a unique tasting premium honey.


Our hives and bees are not treated with chemicals or pesticides and there is no commercial farming in our bees grazing area.  We only take honey from the hive when the bees have enough to share.  


We do not heat our honey.  We add nothing to our honey.  We harvest the honey in small batches.  

We bottle all our honey by hand. We do not sell our honey. 

We make lip balm with it.